Are you afraid of serious dental diseases, such as periodontal disease which, untreated, almost always leads to the loss of natural teeth, or are you afraid of complex dental procedures that occur as a result of abscesses caused by bacterial plaque?
To prevent these dental problems, doctors recommend prevention through a dental care routine, which means frequent visits to the dentist (once every 6 months or even every 3 months in the case of smokers) and regular hygiene or descaling sessions as well as maintaining dental hygiene habits at home.

In the end, only clean teeth are healthy teeth!
Here is what the Dental Prophylaxis Package contains

1. Consultation. The rule that says you must measure twice and cut once is valid including stomatology, this is the reason why regardless of the procedure the doctor has to perform, examining the patient and estimating the problems are essential.

2. Treatment plan. At Bidentlux, our specialists approach each patient in a personalized manner, therefore, the treatment plan is adapted to the patient and explained in detail so that he understands each individual procedure.

3. Ultrasonic descaling. This method is the most often used because, with the help of strong vibrations and at the same time imperceptible by the patient, it "breaks" the subgingival tartar and pushes it out without overheating or damaging the dental pulp.

4. Air-flow. The device throws a jet of air, water and sodium bicarbonate in even the smallest interdental spaces, but also on the surface of the tooth, to clean the bacterial biofilm. Ari-flow is used successfully even to remove stains from the teeth caused by coffee, red wine, tobacco, etc.

5. Professional brushing. This procedure completes the descaling that deeply removes bacterial plaque, something that patients cannot do by themselves at home through normal brushing. In addition to the function of cleaning the tooth, the small brushes electrically operated by the dentist "polish" the tooth to prevent the formation of a new bacterial biofilm.

Why is prophylaxis important?

1. Prophylactic hygiene sessions prevent gingival inflammation and caries.
2. If you smoke (a habit that favors the deposition of tartar faster than in non-smokers), descaling is the only method that helps you keep your teeth clean and healthy
3. If you are thinking of wearing a dental appliance, you need professional scaling and brushing before fixing the appliance, but you will need to pay special attention to dental hygiene throughout the course of the orthodontic treatment.

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