A new implant system. 

Did you know that you can have fixed teeth without struggling?

It is an implant-prosthetic system used for the rapid restoration of teeth in the case of edentulous patients, i.e. those who have lost all their teeth. Practically, in less than 1-5 days, patients receive fixed teeth with which they can eat, talk, laugh, but above all they will regain their joy of living. It is revolutionary because it uses the patient's native bone and responds to the patient's needs, thus considerably shortening treatment time and costs. The comfort offered to the patient by this treatment is unparalleled precisely because he receives a fixed construction, most often consisting of 10 teeth, on the day of the single surgical intervention. People can immediately return to social life, and in a short time a significant increase in the quality of life is observed.

Who is it for?

To wearers of dental prostheses who want to get rid of their inconveniences To patients who have irretrievable teeth over which no fixed prosthetic work can be made To people who have lost a significant amount of alveolar bone and need bone additions to benefit from conventional implants

What are the advantages?

Rapid restoration of lost teeth. The time in which a person goes from the stage of being completely or partially edentulous or wearing a removable dental prosthesis to fixed teeth is very short, approximately 24 h - 5 days. Therefore, professional and social life will be able to resume quickly.

No pain!

The intervention is performed under local anesthesia, avoiding the possible complications of intravenous sedation or general anesthesia.
Simplifying surgical interventions, utilizing the existing native bone. In this way, complex and expensive interventions to increase bone mass are avoided (sinus lifting, bone additions or transplants, laborious interventions with cumbersome recovery of patients)

Improved aesthetics.

The temporary fixed denture obtained is very close to the beauty of the natural dentition and sometimes even exceeds the beauty of the natural dentition. The teeth will be perfectly aligned, they will respect the physiognomy of each patient, but also their aesthetic requirements related to the shape, size or color of the teeth

Facial rejuvenation effect.

The transition from being completely or partially edentulous, wearing a removable prosthesis or having periodontal teeth always has a lifting and rejuvenating effect on the patient's physiognomy. Wrinkles begin to disappear, lips and soft tissues gain volume due to the restoration of the dento-bone support supporting them.

Chewing will quickly resume.

The patient can resume chewing immediately after the intervention, in only 2-3 hours after fixing the provisional work and after the effect of anesthesia has subsided. Avoiding very frequent trips to the dentist. Because teeth restoration is done in one session, endless trips to the dentist are a thing of the past.

Psychological benefits.

Many patients are affected by the loss of dental aesthetics caused by the lack of teeth, but also by the dental prosthesis that can cause a lot of discomfort, so the Fast & Fixed system restores patients' confidence and self-respect. By fixing the dentures, embarrassing situations are avoided in which the prosthesis detaches or falls during speech or during mastication.

Avoiding discomfort caused by the removable prosthesis.

Fixing teeth makes dentures a nightmare. The dental prosthesis has a whole series of disadvantages: reduced masticatory efficiency, mobilization during chewing or speaking, foreign body sensation, penetration of food under the prosthetic work during meals, development of certain decubitus lesions (wounds), sensation of vomiting or salivation abundance. It eliminates all these inconveniences, the teeth no longer need to be kept in a glass overnight, being an integrated part of the body.